Mobile Truck Oil & Fluid Services in California & Arizona

Oil Changes for Diesel Engines

Diesel engines require a specific type of oil, known as diesel oil, which is formulated to provide better lubrication and protection at high temperatures and pressures. At KingFleet, we use only the highest quality diesel oil, meeting or exceeding OEM specifications. Our experienced mechanics will drain the old oil, replace the filter, and refill the engine with fresh oil, ensuring that your diesel engine is properly lubricated and protected.

Fuel System Services

The fuel system is an essential component of any diesel engine, and regular maintenance is necessary to keep it running smoothly. At KingFleet, we offer fuel system services such as fuel filter replacement, fuel injection cleaning, and fuel system flushes. These services help to remove contaminants and build-up in the fuel system, promoting better fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Cooling System Services

The cooling system is responsible for keeping the engine at the proper operating temperature, and a malfunctioning cooling system can cause engine damage. At KingFleet, we offer cooling system services such as radiator flushes, thermostat replacement, and water pump replacement. These services help to remove contaminants and build-up in the cooling system, promoting better engine cooling and performance.

Transmission Services

Transmission fluid is essential for proper transmission function and longevity. At KingFleet, we offer transmission services such as transmission fluid replacement, filter replacement, and transmission flush. These services help to remove contaminants and build-up in the transmission, promoting smoother shifting and prolonging the life of the transmission.

KingFleet's Professional Services

At KingFleet, we understand that your diesel vehicle is a significant investment and a vital tool for your business or personal use. That's why we provide professional oil and fluid services that are designed to keep your diesel engine running at its best. Our experienced mechanics use only the highest quality parts and fluids, and we stand behind our work with a comprehensive warranty. If you're in need of oil and fluid services for your diesel vehicle, bring it to KingFleet. Our experienced team will provide the expert care your vehicle needs to keep it running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

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