General Diesel Repair Services in
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With continuous innovation and consistent flexibility, the team at KingFleet offers a wide variety of services for whatever your diesel vehicle needs no matter the size or complexity of the problem.

When you’re looking for competent and efficient repair and maintenance services for your truck, you want to know that the job will be done right. The team at KingFleet has you covered. Not only do our 26 technicians have a century and a half of experience between them, but we’re constantly innovating and adopting the latest technologies to better serve our customers.

To get an idea of what the KingFleet team can do for you here are just some of the services we offer!

Regular Oil and Fluid Services

One of the most important aspects of diesel vehicle maintenance is regular oil and fluid service intervals and maintaining those intervals on a consistent basis. This includes oil changes, filter replacements, and fluid checks. Regular oil changes are crucial to keeping your engine lubricated and free of contaminants. Filter replacements ensure that your engine has a clean supply of fuel and air. Fluid checks are important to monitor the health of your transmission, power steering, and cooling systems.

Engine Repair Services

Engine problems can be caused by various factors, including wear and tear, lack of maintenance, or faulty components. Engine repairs can range from minor issues like injector replacements to major overhauls. At KingFleet, our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to diagnose and repair engine problems quickly and effectively.

Exhaust System Services

The exhaust system is an essential part of your diesel vehicle's engine. It helps to regulate emissions and improve engine performance. A damaged or clogged exhaust system can cause a decrease in fuel efficiency and engine performance. At KingFleet, we offer exhaust system repairs and replacements, including muffler and catalytic converter services.

Fuel System Services

A diesel vehicle's fuel system is responsible for delivering fuel to the engine and maintaining the correct fuel pressure. A malfunctioning fuel system can lead to decreased fuel efficiency and engine performance. At KingFleet, we offer fuel system cleaning, repairs, and replacements to keep your diesel vehicle running smoothly.

Transmission Services

The transmission is a crucial component of your diesel vehicle and is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the wheels. A malfunctioning transmission can cause a decrease in fuel efficiency and engine performance. At KingFleet, we offer transmission repairs, rebuilds, and replacements to keep your diesel vehicle shifting smoothly.

If you’re looking for a diesel repair service that’s not just fast and efficient, but also uses the latest tools and technologies to get your truck back to peak operating condition, then look no further than KingFleet. At KingFleet, our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing high-quality diesel services to keep your diesel vehicle in excellent shape and reduce as much impact on your business and bottom line as possible. Contact us today to schedule your next service appointment.

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